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Soccer and education: passion as a transforming element in teaching

It has been a year since the inauguration of the foundation ‘Librerías Futboleras’ and through the fusion of football and literature, seeks to encourage reading in the smallest.

Much is said about education in Argentina. The latest results of the Aprender evaluation revealed that in mathematics, 40.9% of students are below the basic level and 29.3% at the basic level. In Language, another subject that occurs in schools, only 53.6% of students achieve satisfactory / advanced performance levels, while 46.4% of students are at the basic level and below Of the basic level.

With these results, different plans and programs are put in place to improve education. The Argentine publisher Intellectual Capital, for example, seeks to introduce children into the habit of reading through the donation of books that are related to sport. Taking into account that football, and above all football is one of the passions – if not the “passion” – most important in the country, the intellectual authors of this project, decided to encourage children to read using this theme as motivation.

The objective is to contribute to improve the educational processes of primary schools, through the strengthening of the reading habit, and to take advantage of the potential of cultural transformation that this sport possesses and that of its professional players as the main social referents of the children.

That is why this project is implemented in primary schools where they studied recognized Argentine players. In this way, the venture also allows to link these outstanding figures with their home schools and teach children that football can be an element of social integration.

The beginnings of the proposal
The project began in August of 2016 with the initiative of the writer and documentalist Ignacio Irigoyen, with the inauguration of the first library, named “Jorge Burruchaga”, in the School No. 26 Patricias Argentinas de Quilmes Oeste.

Nowadays there are already 22 reading spaces that were founded in several localities of Argentina and that are sponsored by different players like Amadeo Carrizo, Ricardo Bochini and Ubaldo Fillol, among others.

Of the 22 libraries founded today, 17 are from Argentine players who participated in the World Championship of ’86, and are located in localities of the province of Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Santa Fe.

The Argentine publisher Capital Intellectual, belonging to the Insud Group, donated more than 300 books with 14 titles on sports to the foundation Libraries Futboleras. Among the donated books are Ariel Scher’s play; Secret World Stories; And The Birth of a Passion by Alejandro Fabbri, among others.

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