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Santiago Mitre: “I am amused that people believe that Darín represents Macri”

“The Cordillera” arouses strong debates. Many cheer her, but many others criticize her harshly.

The controversy was installed in the way that ended up creating a kind of “cinema crack”. And even Ricardo Darin came to the crossroads of criticism of the viewers through twitter.

This afternoon, in dialogue with the program “Por si las Moscas”, which is broadcast by LA BRÚJULA 24, Santiago Mitre, director of the film was unconcerned by the water division that generates his film and said that, in short, it is the objective pursued by their projects.

“It was a little unthinkable for me that a movie would arouse so much passion and hate,” said Mitre.

“But as long as a movie is discussed, it’s because it’s alive. I prefer that it generate strong and found sensations, that it does not wake up and people forget it to the 5 minutes of leaving the cinema “

“I like The Cordillera to generate questions and not solve everything. That generates beyond the room. “

Mitre also opined on the profile and the physiognomy of Hernán Blanco (Ricardo Darín) to which many people associate the current president.

“I am very amused to hear that people fantasized about the idea that Darin personifies Macri or comes from the field to Kirchner. The truth is that the character is thought of a president of fiction and the film began to write much before 2015, “he said.

“What is certain is that the paper is made based on a president of these times, that is, very 21st century. With a speech in which the advertising slogan and marketing are imposed to hide his ideological stance, which is what What happens in reality “.

“It is clear that Macri acts in that way, but I think that if the president were Randazzo or Scioli, they would. It’s the political epoch we live in, “he concluded.

Why Darin as President

“Ricardo is a trap inside the movie,” said Mitre.

“He is very dear and works perfect in that role, because no other actor generates such love in the public and as the story goes on it becomes something else.”

“He’s an actor who admires a lot for everything he represents for the world of cinema,” the filmmaker concluded.

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Santiago Mitre: “I am amused that people believe that Darín represents Macri”