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January 1st, 2015 Comunicado de prensa

News Chemo

CHEMO awarded the “Tejiendo Sueños de Economía Social” prize by ASPRONA-León

  CHEMO pharmaceutical group’s twofold commitment to improving global health and contributing positively to the local communities where it conducts its business activities has been recognised with an award. The group’s León Farma facility has been commended as a model … Continue reading

November 18th, 2014 Comunicado de prensa

News Exeltis

Exeltis acquires 100% of the turkish company Embil

Exeltis, a branch of the pharmaceutical Grupo Chemo, has acquired 100% of the Turkish pharmaceutical Embil.The deal is the biggest acquisition ever by Exeltis abroad.It also represents the entry of the Spanish company into Turkey, a market of great potential … Continue reading

November 9th, 2014 El Diario de la República

News Los Murmullos

An Auction Fit for a Movie, in Nueva Galia

Film producer Hugo Sigman opened the gates of his estancia El Retiro in the south of the province to host an auction where he sold 60 Braford, Angus, Hereford and Brangus bulls, and 450 heifers.   Cabaña Garruchos staged a … Continue reading

(Español) 09 octubre 2015. Diario Buenos Aires Económico

News Consorcio

(Español) Relanzan proyecto que vincula a las universidades con el sector productivo

October 05th, 2014 BBC News

News Mundo Sano

Chagas disease – inheriting a silent killer

A silent killer once confined to Latin America now has gone global. The “assassin bug” – which spreads Chagas disease – thrives in countries like Bolivia. But up to 80,000 migrants from Latin America are now living with the illness … Continue reading

June 2014 Comunicado de Prensa

News Consorcio

The Research, Development and Innovation Consortium at BIO 2014

  The R&D+I Consortium took part in the 2014 Bio International Convention in San Diego, one of the most prestigious events in the Biotech world, gathering companies and institutions from all over the world to present the latest developments and … Continue reading