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(Español) 04/08/2017 Telam

News Pomera

It begins the construction of the country’s largest biomass-producing power plant

It will be from shavings, sawdust and bark of pine and eucalyptus, and biomass from dry wood, forest materials that currently do not have an industrial use. The construction of a renewable biomass power plant with forest biomass in Gobernador … Continue reading

(Español) 31/07 pharmabiz.net

News K&SFilms

El Ángel, the new movie of Hugo Sigman

Pharmaceutical entrepreneur Hugo Sigman will come out with a new film partly funded by his producer Kramer & Sigman Films. This film is directed by Luis Ortega and began filming last week. The film based on the perhaps best known … Continue reading

(Español) 28/07/2017 La Nación

News Grupo Insud Garruchos

Another vibrant day with Hereford males and Angus females

The businessman Hugo Sigman won yesterday the Great Male Champion Polled Hereford and, along with other exhibitors, the Great Female Champion Aberdeen Angus. Hugo Sigman, the owner of the Insud Group, who among other businesses controls the laboratory Biogénesis Bagó, … Continue reading

27/07/2017 Infobae.com

News K&SFilms

The shooting of “El Ángel” began: the story of one of the country’s greatest murderers

The shooting of “El Ángel“, the new feature by Luis Ortega, was launched in which Lorenzo Ferro (son of Rafael Ferro) will make his debut in the movies, incarnating nothing less than Carlos Robledo Puch. Legacy of blood. What leads … Continue reading

(Español) 26/07/2017 https://www.cronista.com

News Grupo Insud

The 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, the new guide for business

The year 2015 will be remembered for the triad of milestones that have deepened the development agenda of our planet: Pope Francisco’s Encyclical Laudato Si, the Paris Agreement on Climate Change (despite the recent decision by the President of the … Continue reading

(Español) 19/07/2017 Infobae.com

News K&SFilms

They presented “El Ángel”, the film based on the crimes of Robledo Puch

“El Ángel” tells the story of the serial killer that will be played by actor Rafael Ferro’s son and was not present. “We are preserving their image,” said Luis Ortega, director of the feature film. The film is based on … Continue reading