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Grupo Insud and Cartellone invest in a renewable energy plant

The Benicio Group (Cartellone) and Grupo Insud will invest U.S. $ 60 million in FRESA, a company of both holding companies that build a sustainable energy plant. The plant will produce 40 MW of electricity from forest biomass.

FRESA (Renewable Energy Sources S.A.), a company formed by Grupo Insud and Grupo Benicio, announced the start of works for the construction of the electric energy production plant from forest biomass. The initiative will require an investment of 60 million dollars and will generate 40 MW to supply the National Interconnected System.

The plant will be located in the town of Gobernador Virasoro, Corrientes, on an area of ​​214,000 hectares of implanted forests. It will allow the diversification of the energy matrix, contribute to the industrial development of the area and generate new jobs with skilled labor.

FRESA will generate electricity from chips, sawdust and bark of pine and eucalyptus; And biomass from dry wood, forest materials that currently do not have an industrial use. “I am very grateful for the contribution of this plant to make Virasoro an industrial pole. It will generate productive capacity, commercial exchange and qualified employment, “explained Hugo Sigman, CEO of Grupo Insud.

“This thermal power station will be more than sustainable because in addition to maintaining the environmental balance will improve people’s lives,” said Benicio Group president José Cartellone.

“The accompaniment of the State to this type of projects is very important because it has a multiplier effect to create work and promote economic development. The private public relation has to favor the general interest, “said the governor of Corrientes, Horacio Ricardo Colombi, during the event.

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