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Families in the Third Section received donation

After evaluating the living conditions of the families living in the Third Section of Santa Rosa, the Municipality presented a survey to the foresta-industrial company Pomera, which operates in the area. After knowing the situation, the company decided to donate a total of 26 ranch cuts, with the purpose of cooperating to improve the quality of life of the beneficiary families.

This week, representatives of Pomera leading company in the production of high quality solid wood – met in the first instance with the Vice Mayor, Martín Martínez. Then, accompanied by the Secretary of Social Action, Carolina Benítez, and the SAPS Coordinator, Liliana Lafuente, made the donation at the headquarters of small producers in New Havana.

The 26 beneficiary families live in Paso Tala, Ibaté Porá, Carayá and Nueva Habana. In addition to the ranch cuts, the company representatives also offered other types of work and help to improve the quality of life in the area. In the same way, they listened to the requirements of the inhabitants of the place.

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