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Another vibrant day with Hereford males and Angus females

The businessman Hugo Sigman won yesterday the Great Male Champion Polled Hereford and, along with other exhibitors, the Great Female Champion Aberdeen Angus.

Hugo Sigman, the owner of the Insud Group, who among other businesses controls the laboratory Biogénesis Bagó, was happy yesterday in the central runway of the Rural Exhibition of Palermo, so much that he did not stop giving notes.

For the first time, he won twice. While in the race Polled Hereford won the Great Male Champion, box 630, his signature Garruchos SA, General Belgrano, Aberdeen Angus won the Great Female Champion, box 436. In the latter case, he did With Compañía Argentina de Hacienda, a company he shares with Carlos Ojea Rullán. Alejandro Spinella, Claudia Pervan Cebey and Edelin Agropecuaria also participate in the ownership of this animal.

Hugo Sigman has won eight great champions, but he has never been given this double. The Great Male Champion Polled Hereford is an animal that, as Ojea Rullán called it, is “an impeccable, wide color that moves like a calf when it is three years old.” Hugo Sigman highlighted him as “an extraordinary animal since birth.”

Meanwhile, Great Aberdeen Female Champion Angus Ojea Rullan distinguished her as a female “balanced, class, correct.” And he added on this animal that will be two years old in November: “It is perfection, it is the animal that is born from time to time.”

The same Angus jury, the American Jeff Dameron, said about the females that arrived at the end that never in the world had seen such a row. “The jury judged what is already being done here, which are moderate animals,” said Alfredo Gusmán, president of the Argentine Association of Angus.

 In Polled Hereford, the Reserved of Great Champion Macho was box 620, of the exhibitor Antique Estancias Don Roberto SA. In addition, in Angus Reserved of Great Female Champion corresponded to box 504, of Horacio Gutiérrez and Arandú SA.

Last night, with 740 guests, the Brangus breed had its traditional auction “Brangus Show!”, Which marked outstanding prices in an agile auction with a bid among buyers.

The maximum price, so far also the highest value in Palermo, was for the Reserved of Great Champion Macho Brangus, La Sultana, Groppo, and the Paraguayan firm Viradolce, sold at $ 940,000 to Ciavt (Artificial Insemination Center Venado Tuerto ).

There were several who fought for that bull. Semex followed it up to $ 400,000, Doña Anita hut, up to $ 630,000 and Las Tres Lunas, up to $ 930,000. Finally, Ciavt remained offering the $ 940,000 for the animal.

“Most of the players that came on the track had prolonged bids and, in general, more than two potential buyers,” said Facundo Rivolta, manager of the Brangus Argentine Association.

To highlight another male price, the Grand Male Champion of the last National Brangus, from Zuza’s La Bellaca hut, sold for $ 700,000, to Ciale Alta.

On the females side, the Reserved Grand Champion Female, from Corral de Guardia, from Bellamar Estancias, sold at $ 860,000 50% ($ 430,000). It was bought by El Impenetrable SA, from Tucumán. For this female, until last moment fought in the auction the signature “The Guayabo”.

Other outstanding females at the auction were another from Corral de Guardia, which made $ 545,000 for 100% and a calf of La Sultana, less than one year old, which marked $ 470,000, also for 100%. In summary, the general averages of the auction were as follows: 12 bulls at $ 302,800 and 15 females at $ 251,350. The auction paid a total of $ 7,404,000 for 27 animals. There were 21 buyers, data that, according to Rivolta, reflects “a very high demand” for the race.

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