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An Auction Fit for a Movie, in Nueva Galia

Film producer Hugo Sigman opened the gates of his estancia El Retiro in the south of the province to host an auction where he sold 60 Braford, Angus, Hereford and Brangus bulls, and 450 heifers.  

Cabaña Garruchos staged a major show during the second auction of its cattle, and the first one that the owner, Hugo Sigman, decided to carry out at El Retiro, in the south of Nueva Galia, where he exhibited the outstanding genetic quality of the four breeds of bulls raised on his farms in different locations of Argentina, through cattle breeding ranches Los Murmullos and Los Caldenes. The auction was carried out jointly with ranch Bellamar, from Córdoba, a specialist in controlled Brangus heifers and Hereford PR and Angus PC bulls (with its own genetic research center), which reached very good prices.

In total, the auction included 60 bulls of the Braford (C and R), Angus PC, Hereford PR and Brangus breeds, as well as 450 heifers, including Braford C and R heifers (pregnant), Braford BO (replenishment), Angus MAS (recently calved and replenishment), Hereford PP (pregnant and recently calved), and Brangus (pregnant). Towards the end, 200 young bulls between 180 and 200 kg were sold by weight. The auction company was Mondino, and payment terms were: 10 percent discount for cash payment, payment in 90 days with no interest and payment in an additional 90 days with 3 percent interest, and freight free of charge. Credit cards accepted: AgroNación, Caldén Agraria and Galicia Rural.

Garruchos farming company, which belongs to Grupo Insud, specializes in the Braford and Brangus breeds, while Los Murmullos works especially in Angus and Hereford genetics. However, they operate under the same business seal, which also includes a branch that rears Merino breed sheep on its farms in Santa Cruz and Chubut. The company came to Nueva Galia in 2007, by purchasing a farm of 75 thousand hectares, some 25 km from town, on the road to Arizona along highway 55. With a profound respect for the natural landscape and native vegetation, the company only weeded 7,000 hectares, where it also does some farming activities, growing wheat and sorghum, but only for forage.

The prices paid by producers clearly showed the good quality of the herds. The maximum amount was paid by company Genética Global, with HQ in Buenos Aires and an office in Villa Mercedes, which acquired a Braford bull from a ranch sire, with 41 cm of scrotal size, for $46,500. Overall, the bulls that were auctioned were of moderate size (they did not exceed 700 kg), and therefore they involve low maintenance and are ideal for primiparous cows. Garruchos has sires with fine genetics: Xpo, Kachapé, Ava, Magno, Pragmático and Ranquel.

The price average varied depending on the breed. The highest price was for Angus PC bulls from Los Murmullos ($29,900), closely followed by the Braford R and C bulls from Garruchos ($28,480). Angus PC bulls from Los Caldenes reached $26,300, Hereford PR from Corral de Guardia, $24,200 and Brangus A and C from the same ranch, $24,000.

Purchasers intent on enhancing their herds included representatives from Pueblo Ranquel, who bought five Braford animals and got semen courtesy of Biogénesis Bagó, another company owned by Sigman, which leads in the production of vaccines against foot-and-mouth disease.  Corral de Guardia (for Bellamar), Castagno (Jovita, Córdoba), Betaviano (Realicó, La Pampa), Daniel Sandoval, Jorge Báez (Unión), establishment La Rubí, Bernabé (Rancul, La Pampa), La Angelina (Fraga) and producer Laura Ventura, from Los Cajones, also opened their wallets to acquire the animals of this breed, which showed good pigmentation and meekness.

“Our work is to breed animals that are fit for every rural environment, and as far as cows are concerned, we only keep those that have a special quality; the animals that do not qualify must leave the herd,” said Sigman, happy to see the great attendance at the auction. “The philosophy of Garruchos is that the animal that reaches the auction is ready for work at the field; we do not show any artificially inflated animals, for those, you have to wait three months to start taking advantage of them, but that is not how we do it.  The goal is that our genetics will enable improving the herds of the producers that trust us,” said the owner of Garruchos. Sigman, in addition to his farming activity, is a doctor specializing in psychiatry, the owner of pharmaceutical company Chemo (with a presence in 46 countries) and a well-known film producer, whose last “gem” was Wild Tales. He also produced The Marzianos (starring Guillermo Francella), On Probation (Diego Peretti) and Burnt Money (Pablo Echarri), among other box-office successes.

The auction had one particular feature: animals were brought from the pens to a fenced circle within a large tent where guests could enjoy a delicious criollo-style barbecue. After dessert, Roberto Mondino led the auction with his usual pace, combining complicity with buyers with the firmness with which he seeks the best price for the organizer. Hallmark phrases such as: “You chose it? Take it!”, “He knows!”(when someone raises a bid) or “Short of 500? I’ll give them to you for free!” led the gathering to a point that left everybody satisfied.

The Purebred controlled Angus bulls from Cabaña Los Murmullos were the subject of strong bids that raised prices, always with red ones scoring better than the black ones. Most of the sons of Cóndor and General were sold above $30,000, while others, the sons Mana Classic, Don Blas of Don Omar, from Cabaña Los Caldenes, reached between $24,000 and $28,000. The cattle ranch El Capricho from Mendoza was a key buyer, and establishments La Angelina (Fraga) and La Carolina, and producer from Mercedes Elena Becher and Ministerio del Campo also purchased bulls.

Corral de Guardia, from Estancia Bellamar, brought Hereford and Brangus bulls to the arena, which had similar average prices, approximately $24,000. Purchasers came from diverse locations, and the bidding price had to be raised several times after a lukewarm start at $20,000. Then it was the turn of Brangus bulls, a breed that is gradually gaining importance, because these are rustic animals that acclimate well to any type of soil and climate. Mondino reminded Becher, who had already purchased heifers: “Now throw these bulls at them,” while the woman was negotiating two-for-one after a bid for some animals for her farms El Plateado and Los Robles.

Then it was the time for heifers. Hereford PP heifers from Los Murmullos reached $20,000 with an average of $18,600. “Careful with prices; they were worth 30 thousand pesos three years ago,” said Mondino making the purchase sound more tempting. Pure Pedigree and served by bulls of quality, such as Sureñito, Lego, Alabama and Sr. Williams departed for diverse destinations: Los Cajones, and establishments Zamba and Eder, with one of them even going to Malargüe. By pricing, they were followed by controlled Brangus from Corral de Guardia ($16,500 on average) and then the pregnant Braford R and C cows from Garruchos ($13,450). “A six-month term, and you get bulls, guaranteed,” insisted the auctioneer, before banging the hammer. Those who chose the Angus MAS (Selected Angus Mothers) heifers with calves, received a complimentary gift: 20 doses of semen from Pancho Pampa, a sire of outstanding genetics, from Los Murmullos.


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