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Argentine sustainable luxury in the summer of London

The Royal Ascot is the traditional horse race with more than 300 years of history that stands out for the guests of luxury and fashion. And there, a local firm dazzled with an exclusive line of handmade briefcases. Total luxury.

For five days, the most fashionable racetrack in the world is filled with hats as quirky as they are spectacular. Aristocracy, royalty and celebrities mix elegance with eccentricity, but following the dress code to the letter.

In that sense, the dress code is very precise: women, for example, can not wear dresses with a length above the knees or transparencies. And “facinator” hats, headdresses, pamela and jumpsuit are the premise at the most fashionable racetrack in the world. All the women who participate try to dazzle and every year they strive to have the most original look.

Throughout the five days of the meeting, an Argentine brand added its touch distinction. This is Solantu, with its Art Deco portfolios featuring prestigious brand ambassadors such as Lady Gabriella Windsor, Lady Sophie Windsor and artists Sonia Falcone and Catalina Swinburn. This sustainable luxury firm made its entrance in Europe and has a showroon in Madrid and with a distributor in London.

Sophisticated and contemporary, this new collection reflects the soul of Buenos Aires and marks the meeting of luxury with art, thanks to the vision of the designer Verónica Santesteban, who managed to create an exclusive line of wallets inspired by Art Deco, where the Symmetry, geometric figures and the wide palette of colors are accompanied by goldsmith’s hardware made of alpaca – an alloy of copper, zinc and nickel – inlaid with semiprecious onyx stone, and native Guayubirá wood.

They become real “jewel-wallets” for collecting, unique and timeless pieces of art hand-crafted by the best Argentine artisans and selected by the designer. The products seek to perpetuate a long tradition of excellence in Argentina in terms of leather and gold work.

Solantu – a luxury leather goods brand that is part of the Insud Group, of the Argentine entrepreneur Hugo Sigman – stood out in this prestigious event by placing its “Made in Argentina” label.

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