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Perfect place is written “Puerto Valle”

350 km from Iguazu Falls and with private access to Esteros del Iberá, you will find a boutique hotel located in an exclusive refuge of tranquility that offers a unique experience of comfort, adventure and nature. “The perfect place for a five-star break”, according to Best Places of South America.

The reason for its charm? Puerto Valle is a hotel that offers the opportunity of a unique encounter with nature, the best cuisine of the region and activities to enjoy the Iberá Esteros ecosystem, chosen by the New York Times as one of the 52 places to visit in 2017.

In the Esteros del Iberá, an incredible flora and fauna are combined with palm trees, willows and jacarandas that coexist with yacarés, pampas deer and dozens of birds. Also nearby is the Iberá National Park, which houses one of the most important freshwater reserves in South America.

It also offers suggestions for excursions, horseback riding, and nautical activities on the river as well as a visit to a nursery where cloned trees and orchids.

Located in Corrientes, Puerto Valle has luxury rooms with views of the Paraná River. They are surrounded by a 17-hectare estate that includes a completely renovated historic center, streams, ponds, marshes, a swimming pool, an organic garden and even a park designed by renowned Argentine landscape painter Carlos Thays, creator of the Gardens of Palermo and the Garden Japanese.

The site also contains the largest number of Ibera bird species with globally threatened species such as the yellow thrush, the cacophony of cacti, the black throat carpenter populations, and the black breast saira. For this diversity, Aves Argentinas recognized it as an important area for bird conservation (Important Bird Area, for its acronym in English).

It also stands out for having one of the best gourmet cuisines in the region. With its own restaurant, the renowned chef Guido Tassi offers the local ingredients such as river fish, tropical fruits and citrus, among others.

Puerto Valle is a boutique hotel, located in Esteros del Iberá, 55 Km from Posadas Airport. He belongs to the Insud Group (whose CEO is the multifaceted businessman Hugo Sigman). The Insud Group is a group of Argentine capital companies committed to the country’s development in long-term projects. The hotel was recognized by Best Places of South America (BOP), the marketing alliance of the most exclusive hotels and cruises in South America.

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